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Five Amazing Pop Culture Ideas For Giving a Futuristic Look To Your Walls

Quirky walls are one of the easiest and the most effective ways to give a makeover to your room. Posters, wall art, creative hangings and scrolls inspired by or directly highlighting pop culture elements have that unique edge that is needed for bringing about such a makeover. In case you find it difficult to pick a favorite, here are five options to get you started.

1. Nintendo Ink Blots: If you have brightly colored walls or the rest of the decor is quite vibrant, monochrome ink blots can serve as the perfect fix for adding that extra touch of creativity. You could choose an assortment of your favorite Nintendo themes or characters that reflect your personal style.

2. Graphics by professional artists: Graphic art that shows ethereal worlds and scenarios are the perfect choice for creating a wall that offers a momentary escape from reality.

3. Pokemon team posters: Some pop culture elements never go out of fashion. Instead, they evolve. So, if you still feel like you have a thing for the fire Pokemons or you would choose water above all, go ahead and display it all on the walls through framed artistic representations.

4. Decorate with pop culture T-shirts: These would double up as cool additions to your wardrobe too.

5. Put up framed posters: Video games, geeky themes or TV inspirations would fit perfectly into the kind of futuristic ambiance that you are trying to create.