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The Pixel Empire

Star Wars Minimalist Series

$35.00 $60.00
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  • Star Wars Minimalist Series Posters- The Pixel Empire

The Pixel Empire

Star Wars Minimalist Series

$35.00 $60.00
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We have a series of minimalist Star Wars posters for everyone still intrigued by the movie and the franchise. Well, you are not one of a kind it seems. There are many out there like you who are just so in love with Star Wars that they want it to be a part of most of the things they use or see daily. Whether it������s games, toys, movies, or artwork, people like you just want something or the other related to Star Wars. So, we have created these minimalist Star Wars movie and series posters to satiate the craving of all those still living in the undefinable and infinite space of the Start Wars.

If there was one word we could use to describe our Star Wars minimalist posters - Iconic would be the perfect choice. The movie and the series has reached the homes and hearts of millions of people around the globe. Let it find a way into your living room or bedroom too. Our Star Wars minimalist poster series is designed giving utmost attention to detail. All these posters feature art that you are not going to find anywhere else. Hang these next to your bed and get transported into a different zone!
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Frames Not Included

All designs are measured in inches.

11x14 & 11x17 designs will be printed on Epson Semi-Gloss 80lb paper. All other size designs will be printed on a wide format Semi-Gloss Photo Premium Paper.

All posters are full bleed with no border.