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Welcome to the Pixel Empire—where pop culture and design unite!What Is This “Empire” of Pixels You Speak Of?

We’re glad you asked. The Pixel Empire is a nebulous location in cyberspace where something suspiciously futuristic occurs: through the power of ones and zeros, you can scan, locate, and acquire in physical reality any number of visual designs on an equally multitudinous number of material designations. (In Earthspeak: you can buy art online in different forms like posters and T-shirts, and have these items shipped to you!)

At the Pixel Empire, we’re unabashedly crushing on pop culture all the time. And sure, we’re totally proud nerds, but that’s not all that we’re about—we wish all quirky individualities to grow and prosper. Whether you binge watch [insert: Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, etc.] all weekend, or gallivant about at all hours of the night looking for rare Pokémon, or whether you just enjoy one-of-a-kind zany art, you’re already part of the Pixel Empire, and we welcome you.

Our goal is to offer up unquestionably unique, high caliber art—sometimes inspired by our favorite movies, characters, and video games, and sometimes just inspired by the wackiness of the universe itself. We’re proud to provide a platform for artists to share and earn real moneybucks for their work.

Who Is The Emperor?

So you must be wondering, where is the fabled Emperor? Truth is, he hasn’t been spotted on the throne since the last Nanopet died of overfeeding, but we can assure you he is probably very busy playing video games right now. (In fact, there are rumors that he’s actually just a 12-year-old boy perpetually parked out in front of the N64 on a Saturday morning with a bowl of Cheerios.) But not to fret – the Pixel Empire is run by extremely competent PixelBots.

PixelBots are the most efficient, affectionate prototype of workers. They take their empire duties very seriously and pay personal attention to every order. The artists, on the other hand, they’re always floating around the stars, transforming their creative vision into things for us Earth-dwellers to enjoy. Because, you know, that’s what artists do. And it’s a good thing they love it, because the Pixel Empire wouldn’t be here without them—the strength of the Empire relies on the symbiotic exchange between artists and fans.

Embrace the Empire.

Please feel free to take a self-guided tour around the realm—you’ll come across an array of sleek wall embellishments, torso garb, and protective shields for your mini-computers that are out of this world. (In Earthspeak, these are posters, T-shirts, and phone cases—and we’re always looking to expand.)

We hope you’re as proud to be a part of the Empire as we are—we only endorse art that we ourselves would hang up or wear ourselves.

Citizens of the Empire unite to support alternative art in all its glory!