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Barrett Biggers

Go Big or Go Home

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  • Go Big or Go Home Posters- The Pixel Empire

Barrett Biggers

Go Big or Go Home

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This composition is a funny and cute little mushroom typography piece inspired by Super Mario Brothers and Smash Brothers gaming series. There are video games that are based on a dark theme with a twist of an intriguing plot. Then there are video games that are high on cuteness and are developed for a fun-loving audience. Super Mario Bros is a classic example of the latter.

Fans, worldwide, savored the plot where Mario and Luigi travel through the Mushroom Kingdom in order to rescue Princess Toadstool from the antagonist Browser. The revival of the American video game market is attributed to its huge success and it was even rewarded with the title of the "greatest game of all times" in 2005.

Taking inspiration from the infectious influence of the game, we at Pixel Empire, designed an artistic version of the Mushroom Kingdom. With a perfect blend of her innovative mind and creative hands, our renowned graphic designer, Barrett Biggers, created this Super Mario Bros Poster. The poster carries a cute and funny mushroom typography piece that appears to be floating under water which is a good example of quality illustration concept in use. The poster reads, ‘Go Big or Go Home’ to add a funny touch to it.

Besides the poster, we are also offering phone case cover and t-shirts for men and women on the same theme at fairly competitive prices.

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Frames Not Included

All designs are measured in inches.

11x14 & 11x17 designs will be printed on Epson Semi-Gloss 80lb paper. All other size designs will be printed on a wide format Semi-Gloss Photo Premium Paper.

All posters are full bleed with no border.