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Go Big or Go Home

  • Go Big or Go Home Phone Cases by teelaunch - Pixel Empire


Go Big or Go Home

If you are a gaming kid of the 90s, you would know Super Mario Bros like the back of your hand. No game could ever challenge Super Mario Bros in terms of popularity. If you ask people of that generation, they would say that this is one game they want to be re-made or re-launched. How about a Super Mario Bros phone case that will have you carry your favorite gaming character with you all the time. Every time you use your phone, you will inadvertently get a glimpse of Mario. Wouldnäó»t it be fun. And on top of that our design art will give you the pleasure of seeing your favorite gaming character in a completely new light. A combination of pop art and arguably the most popular gaming character ever - Expect the product to be innovative and appealing. You can add other adjectives as you start using it.

Our Super Mario Bros 3D full wrap phone case comes with quality written all over it - from printing to finish. The case is impact resistant, durable, and allows you to access all controls/ports quite easily. It features UV printed graphics and matte finish. A phone case inspired by Super Mario, for Super Mario fans!

This 3D full wrap case features quality printing around corners and edges, leaving a smooth, vibrant, high gloss finish.

  • One-piece hard glossy plastic case with super slim profile.
  • Durable, impact resistance, and easy access to all ports/controls.
  • Snaps on and off with ease
  • .5 mm raised bezel that keeps your phone's screen and camera from scratching on surfaces
  • Graphics are UV printed onto the case with a smooth, matte finish
  • Printed in the USA