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Barrett Biggers


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  • Goku Posters- The Pixel Empire

Barrett Biggers


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Anime is one of the most viewed form of animation all over the world and some of its characters have left a legacy that is unfathomably difficult to surpass. Goku and Vegeta are two such characters. They are synonymous with modern-day superheroes, such as spiderman and superman, for the children especially.

In Dragon Ball Manga series, Goku, earth’s mightiest warrior, is recognized for his signature Kamehameha attack, who is naive at heart but filled with rage in battle. Also, who can forget Vegeta’s signature upright hairstyle and widow’s peak. They both have become two of the most recognizable and iconic anime characters in the world.

Our designers, regularly, bring in the most popular characters in the world into our art and project them with a twist. With Goku Vegeta posters too, Barrett Biggers has done the same. It is the merger of the might of the two characters that creates an effect that is larger than life. The two superhumans unite to form the king of the earth that is invincible, which is artistically reflected by the precise figure covered in what appears to be a strong flame.

Goku Vegeta poster is a perfect fit for your work space as it can act as a constant source of inspiration and make you feel vigorous each time you give it a glance.

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