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The Pixel Empire

Mass Effect Series

$30.00 $60.00
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  • Mass Effect Series Posters- The Pixel Empire

The Pixel Empire

Mass Effect Series

$30.00 $60.00
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The most common description of this exhilarating video game reads, ‘As Commander Shepard, rose to become the galaxy’s most elite soldier and lead an all-out war to stop an ancient and ruthless enemy: the Reapers.’

The first installment of the Mass Effect - trilogy, released in the year 2007 was just the beginning of what this game is capable of. Packed with an intense dose of heart-pounding action in a perfect blend with intelligent story-telling leaves you glued to the screen until you eliminate the last standing enemy as Commander Shepard.

Riding high on the success of its first two installments, Mass Effect 2 and 3 that were released in 2010 and 2012 respectively. The trilogy met with commercial success as well as universal acclaim for its outstanding narrative and character development. The game truly lived up to its name and left a remarkable impact on the gaming world.

As the fans worldwide continue to consume the aura of the game, we, at Pixel Empire, have created magnificent Mass Effect Posters as a tribute to the larger than life expression of the game. There are three versions of the trilogy, each celebrating a unique facet of the game. These preserve the original essence of the trilogy reimagined in an alternative format to create a serious mood. Mass Effect wall art is another format it is available in to adorn your living space.
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Frames Not Included

All designs are measured in inches.

11x14 & 11x17 designs will be printed on Epson Semi-Gloss 80lb paper. All other size designs will be printed on a wide format Semi-Gloss Photo Premium Paper.

All posters are full bleed with no border.