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What is Pixel Empire?

Pixel Empire is a nebulous location in cyberspace where through the power of ones and zeros, you can scan, locate, and acquire in physical realty visual designs on a multitude of mediums. In Earthspeak: you can buy art online on posters, canvases, graphic T-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, phone cases and more!

Our digital DNA is a mix of Pop-Culture and Original Art, ranging from video games, nostalgia, movies/tv, sci-fi, internet humor, puns, cat shirts, pixel art, and everything in between.

Empowering Independent Artists

Pixel Empire is home to dozens of incredible independent artists all over the world! We provide our artists with a unique platform to sell their designs in their own storefront. The artist retains all rights to their design and receive the majority of profits.

Become a Pixel Empire artist today by submitting designs through our easy to use Submission Form and start earning money from  your artwork on t-shirts, phone cases, and wall art!


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Order Processing / Turnaround Times

  • Posters: 1-2 business days
  • Everything Else: 2-4 business days
  • Business Days: Monday - Friday

Posters, Canvases, Apparel & Phone Cases all ship separately

United States

 Product Type Standard (2-5 Days) Expedited (1-3 Days) Additional Item
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Phone Cases $4.00 N/A $2.00

Rest of World

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Canvas $7.78 N/A $0
Phone Cases $6.00 N/A $2.00


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