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March 12, 2022 4 min read

I'm very proud to announce that April of 2022's Artist of the Month award goes to Philippines designer Glitchy Gorilla!

I discovered Glitchy Gorilla after last year's Artist of the Year, Vincent Trinidad, recommended him. I'm so glad he did because the second I saw his unique, extremely colorful artwork I knew he would fit right at home at Pixel Empire. 

If you're a fan of pop culture, video games, and anime then I am sure there is a unique design from Glitchy Gorilla that you will love.

I was lucky enough to get to ask Glitchy Gorilla about his process, upcoming designs, and what it's like being a graphic t-shirt artist and tattoo artist in the Philippines. 

In addition to sharing this great interview, we're also offering a 10% discount code for all of Dan's designs this month. Just use the code:


Kristoffer Valera and the "Gltichy" family

Tell us about yourself – who is Glitchy Gorilla and where did the name come from?  

My name is Kristoffer Valera, going by the alias of Glitchy Gorilla in the design industry, from the city of Manila, Philippines.


How long have you been in the online graphic t-shirt community? 

I have been in the online graphic t-shirt game as Glitchy Gorilla for 2 years, but before that, I have already been working for various t-shirt brands as a freelance illustrator since 2013 


The Multiverse is Calling by Glitchy Gorilla

You’ve created hundreds of amazing designs in such a short time. How do you manage to stay motivated to continually knock out design after design? 

I try to create 1 design in 1 to 2 days, basically doing tshirt designs everyday, full time. I try not to dwell on an artwork for too long so that I can move on with the next creative idea.

Colorful Universal Monsters Series by Glitchy Gorilla

Your Universal Monster set is so pretty. Any chance we can expect a Wolfman portrait in time for Halloween? ;) 

Absolutely! I am planning to expand on my monster portraits since they have been receiving good feedback from my followers in social media.

Colorful Disney Villains by Glitchy Gorilla 

I love your colorful Disney Villain series. Who was the first villain you designed and did you know ahead of time that you would make an entire series out of it? 

I first made the Captain Hook design, and it just grew from there. I have always been fascinated with the villains much more than the protagonists, Disney always had a good way of giving the villains a very good back story and character arc, they may be evil at times, but their charisma has so much power and appeal (at least to me).

Various designs by Glitchy Gorilla 

What do you think is the secret sauce that makes your designs so unique?

Details I guess? I am obsessed with those tiny details that you wouldn’t see at the first glance, but when you stare at the artwork for a few more seconds, they reveal themselves. 

Colors as well, I try to make my designs as wild as I can in terms of color use, I believe it gives a good contrast with how dark my concept usually is.


Wizarding Houses Set by Glitchy Gorilla 

After seeing your Hogwarts House Series, I have to know what Hogwarts House are you? 

Slytherin all the way!


What was the last anime that you watched? And did it inspire any new artwork from you? 

I am watching Attack on Titan right now, I try to get oriented with some new animes but they are just too many to watch in my lifetime, there are a few gems that I am planning to start binging on though. 

I have a few anime inspired designs in the works, stay tuned for that!

Colorful War and Ragnarok Is Coming by Glitchy Gorilla  

Do you have any new video games that you’re excited for that you think you’ll want to create something for? 

God of War Ragnarok! I just love the aesthetics of Norse mythology, it makes for a cool tshirt design.


Have you ever had a chance to meet your fans in person at conventions?

Not yet, but I am looking forward to it!

Emblem of the Snake by Glitchy Gorilla  

Do you know if anyone has ever got a tattoo of one of your designs before?

I am a professional tattoo artist as well, and I have tattooed some of my tshirt designs to clients, it is always a pleasure seeing my designs on human skin.


Do you have any new designs that you would like to talk about? 

I will just keep it under wraps for now, but stay tuned for a few more villains, monsters, and everything in between! 


Are there any artists that you'd like to shout out that inspire you? 

Dan Elijah Fajardo (Dandingeroz) and Vincent Trinidad, these fine gentlemen have been an inspiration to me, their commitment to the craft is on another level.


OUTATIME by Glitchy Gorilla

Do you have an all time favorite design? 

My OUTATIME design is the one closest to my heart, Back to the Future has made an impact on my life and is a big influence on my design themes.


Last question before we’re OUTATIME, do you have any parting advice for new designers wanting to get started in this industry? 

Art is all about sacrifice. If you could sacrifice a few hours to stay up late or get up early to make art, do it. If you are willing to give up your weekends to make designs, go for it. 

It is all about commitment and consistency. But none of that will work if no one sees you. Take advantage of social media and make yourself visible.

I would like to thank Pixel Empire for giving me this opportunity to get featured, It is an honor to be part of the P.E. family!


Well, there you have it. If you're interested in checking out more of Glitchy Gorilla's work (he has literally hundreds of amazing designs) then be sure to check out his storefront here. And don't forget to use the code:


Dylan West
Dylan West

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