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February 03, 2022 3 min read

I'm very proud to announce that 2021's Artist of the Year award goes to Philippines designer Vincent Trinidad!

Vincent was one of the first designers to join Pixel Empire and has consistently been a top seller year after year. Having Vincent join our rank of artists so early on in our company's lifespan really lent credibility to us in the art world.

If you are a fan of 80's pop culture, video games, anime, and RAMEN then there is surely a Vincent Trinidad t-shirt or poster for you!

In addition to sharing this great interview, we're also offering a 10% discount code for all of Dan's designs this month. Just use the code:


I had the privilege of asking Vincent a few questions about how his creative process. Here it is:

Tell us about yourself – who is Vincent Trinidad?

Vincent Trinidad is an artist fueled by Japanese Retro Aesthetics and lots of coffee!

80's Synthwave Collection by Vincent Trinidad

You currently hold the record for the MOST designs by a single artist on Pixel Empire. How do you maintain the motivation to continuously knock out great designs week after week?

Just being grateful and loving the process this gig gave me and family an opportunity to get out of poverty. 

You and I (Dylan West) share a common trait in that our first print was on Threadless. Where did you see your art career headed before the boom of online graphic t-shirt companies?

I am an illustrator in video games before I got into designs. 

Your friend Dan Fajardo was 2020’s Artist of the Year. Do you have any nominations for Pixel Empire’s 2022 Artist of the Year? 

Yeah the very talented Glitchy Gorilla - www.pixelempire.com/glitchygorilla


Samuel Jackson wearing Vincent Trinidad's Neighbor Kaiju Shirt

How did it feel seeing the great Samuel L Jackson wearing one of your t-shirts?

Super Grateful!

Pop Culture Ukiyo-e Series by Vincent Trinidad

Your Ukiyo-e series is extremely popular. How do you decide what your next pop culture choice is going to be in this series?

I am really not sure I just work on what inspires me the most.

Pokémon Ukiyo-e Series by Vincent Trinidad

Do you have any plans to add more designs to your Ukiyo-e collection? I know I personally would love to see a “Water Turtle” sandwiched between your “Fire Dragon” and “Grass Monster” prints. ;)

When inspiration strikes I will certainly make something about it.

The Great Ramen Wave and Spicy Ramen Lava King by Vincent Trinidad

It is safe to say that you are a big fan of ramen. Besides your bestselling ‘Great Ramen Wave’ design, do you have a favorite Ramen-inspired piece of artwork?

Yeah the one with the Godzilla inside a hot lava ramen.

Do you know if anyone has ever got a tattoo of one of your designs before?

So many to mention.

Breath of the Wild designs by Vincent Trinidad

What was the last video game that you played? And did it inspire any new artwork from you?

BOTW Zelda and it inspires me to make an Ukiyo e design about it.

With over 1500 designs under your belt, do you ever have the desire to revisit previous work?

When inspiration strikes for that piece why not.

Retro Gaming Series by Vincent Trinidad

Do you have any parting advice for all of the aspiring graphic artists out there?

Just make something that you love so you can enjoy the process and not the results.

One last question, if you could go back to before you sold your first design online, what would you do differently?

Nothing those are learning experiences that made me improve, maybe read more books.


Dylan West
Dylan West

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